Here’s hoping he gets slapped with a murder charge next.

I still left an actual tip, but given the waiter shaded Beyoncé, I think this tip went much further. #SaintMichael #beyhive

Each one, teach one. #UncleMikey

"Just be you, but more like Beyoncé." Was sent this earlier. Amen.

Just finished taping my interview with NPR’s “Tell Me More” on my essay about sex for xoJane. Insert “Yasss Bitch” hook here.

I am all about incarcerating and maybe even castrating the Woody Allens, nasty priests, and R. Kellys of the world (allegedly), but let us not shade sodomy. If they were real, they’d say “Sodomize responsibly an legally.” Can I get an amen, saints and heathens?

I need to start an IRA. Thanks, Sugar Ray.

Turn up!